Cafe Mosaics

So my fellow blogger/ friend and I did a thing and went to a cute little vegan/ vegetarian restaurant in the humble city of Edmonton, Alberta called Cafe Mosaics.

I love going to these types of restaurants because they are #inspo for food I would like to make at home. Let’s face it, without creativity and flavor, vegan foods can be quite bland, but with those two components, I think Kendrick Lamar says it best, DAMN.

And y’all, the lighting was really poppin’ in that place, perfect for food photography! Check out a few photos of the set-up. It’s definitely got more of a rustic, hipster vibe.

As we were taking pictures, a guy walked into the store and nonchalantly asked us if we were blogging. Why yes, yes, we were. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to get those 10/10 pics, am I right?

Their menu has a lot of options. I would say, enough that you don’t feel like you’re limited in any way but not too many that you end up feeling overwhelmed. They have salads, soups, comfort foods, burgers, wraps, and more! It’s a pretty diverse menu, especially considering that it’s a vegetarian restaurant. I find that when I go to these types of restaurants, I get to try something new especially compared to generic restaurants. I don’t know about you, but to me, a chicken wrap is basically the same in one restaurant as it is in another but a veggie burger or even mac and cheese can be done so many different ways when you decide not to use the standard ingredients.

Anthonia and I started off by ordering a couple of juices. Anthonia got the one that matched her lipstick, while I got one that made me look like I was super healthy. Jokes aside, Anthonia got the Scarlet juice which has beets, strawberry, celery rib, apple, and pear. I got the Green Goodness juice which has kale, spinach, cucumber, and lime. Guys, the juice was soooo good and refreshing. I would give it a solid 8/10.

Our food has arrived!

I ordered the mystery burger with a kale salad and Anthonia ordered the mystery burrito with hash browns. (Well, aren’t we being a little ambitious or should I say, mysterious? 😏) . I wasn’t the biggest fan of the burger as a whole. The patty was delicious -crunchy and flavourful. But I wasn’t a fan of the bun (super plain) or the toppings (also very basic). With that said, I’ve had other foods from the Cafe that I enjoyed much more than this, like their falafel wrap!

I’ve been to many vegan restaurants so I have pretty high expectations. I know how delicious vegan food can be! So overall, I’m giving the burger a 6/10. If you want to know what Anthonia thought about her wrap, check out her Blog.

I had a super fun time taking pictures around the restaurant and eating all of this food! Oh, and the company wasn’t bad either 🙂

So whenever you find yourself in Edmonton and you want something a little less meaty, swing by Cafe Mosaics, maybe we’ll see you there. 😉



Very Berry Bucha!

Hey guys!

True Buch, a local kombucha company in Calgary gave me a growler of their ‘Very Berry’ kombucha to try for you guys!


I’m sure you’re all wondering, what is kombucha? Well, it’s a fermented drink made out of tea, bacteria, sugar, and yeast. I’ve heard a bit about probiotics but I’m not 100% sure how effective it is so I’ll let you guys do your own research on that!

IMG_2434 - Copy

Those of you that know me know that I’m slightly obsessed with kombucha 😉

The obsession is so “subtle” that I line up kombucha bottles ontop of my cupboards as decor…

IMG_1330 - Copy

Anyways, I digress.

I (and my family) very much enjoyed the kombucha. So much so that we finished 1/3 of the bottle by the end of the photoshoot.🙃 I usually drink kombucha as a replacement for soda because it still gives me that fizzy feeling with just a hint of sweetness (without all of the sugar and additives).

I must warn you though, kombucha isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It has a smell to it that some people can’t tolerate (it’s fermented! What else would you expect?) and others just simply don’t like the taste. It’s also a little pricey, the cheapest bottle of kombucha I’ve found was around $4. It makes sense though since a lot goes into making it!

This growler had a bit of a stronger taste, which I liked because I was often satisfied with just one glass! Overall, I would give this flavor an 8/10! They have other flavors too like mint mojito, ginger, and blueberry (which is my favorite!)


Did you know, that for every bottle of kombucha you buy from True Buch some money is given to support local initiatives? A few examples include Mealshare, Pet Access Leagues Society (PALS), and Leftovers Calgary! I think that’s pretty cool! And it makes me feel a little better sipping on my expensive bottle of kombucha knowing that the money is being used for something good!


I hope you guys go try out a bottle for yourself and tell me what you think. Pick one up at True Buch and tell them I sent you! 🙂