The Gift You’ve Been Given

There's one more gift (2)
What’s the best Christmas present you’ve received? Was it a handmade sweater? That MacBook you begged your parents for? A loved one’s presence?  A pair of Beats headphones? A vacation?
So often when we’re asked this question we leave Jesus out of the picture. To a lot of us, His coming is comparable to that questionable gift we get from grandma every year -unwanted, unopened and underappreciated. But we should not treat it as such. It is imperative that we grasp the value of this gift; it is not something that we can afford to take lightly. Famous philosopher and atheist turned Christian, C.S. Lewis, summarizes this point very well:
“If Christianity is false, it is of no importance and if it is true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important. ”

Accepting the Gift

Okay, so you see this gift under the tree. You think to yourself “I wonder what it is?”. So you shake the box, think of what it could potentially be, you inspect the wrapping, the tape, and even smell it. You feel like it’s something special but you decide to set it back down and leave it under the tree.

In order to fully receive a gift, we must accept it. We have to be humble enough to take something from someone else, especially something that we cannot obtain on our own. Of course, we have every right deny whatever is given to us but this is not a gift that we can afford to refuse. This gift that has been given to us will soon die on a cross to pay a penalty that we cannot afford.

Okay, let’s say you chose to accept the gift. Now what?

When we get a gift we appreciate, it’s not likely that we put it away and forget about it. Instead, we honor its value by taking the time to cherish it and use it as intended. When it comes to Jesus, so many of us neglect to meet with Him daily in prayer, honor Him with our actions and read His word. Immanuel means “God with us”, He came here to BE WITH YOU, all He asks is that you be with Him also… I encourage you to show your gratitude this Christmas by acknowledging the gift that has been so graciously given to you. I challenge you to start with the Christmas story (Matthew 1-2). Read it, internalize it and consider what Immanuel “God with us” means to you.

Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. -John 1:12

The best part about this gift is that we don’t have to wait until Christmas to open it.  It is a gift that brings eternal joy and should be shared and cherished.
So family, as we open our gifts today let us not forget about the one we have already been given.
Merry Christmas!!!

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